Skin Conditions - Vitiligo and Psoriasis Treatment Cream

At Microskin, we equip you with creams for different skin conditions. With our creams such as Vitiligo cream, Psoriasis treatment cream, dermatitis treatment cream and more, you are sure to gain a newfound confidence to take on the world.

The concept of Microskin, a world-first skin simulation technology, was originally conceived after we realised that make-up was the only method of concealing or camouflaging skin conditions. What transpired after many years of research into cosmetic chemistry as well as developing specially designed software used to read human skin, was a system to develop a spray-on simulated application individually formulated for each client’s skin.


About Vitiligo:

A skin condition that is not a threat to your physical health can still have a big impact on your emotional wellbeing. The Microskin Center in Coimbatore restores self-confidence with effective vitiligo treatment.


What is Vitiligo? What are its symptoms and cause?

The skin consists of cells called melanocytes that are responsible for the production of pigment. When they die or stop producing pigment, the skin develops light patches. Vitiligo is a skin condition in which your own immune system attacks the melanocytes. It may be triggered by Chemical exposure, sunburn, or stress.

Patches usually appear first on areas exposed to sun – face, lips, hands, arms, and feet. The patches can progress to insides of the nose and mouth, genitals and other parts of the body. Some patients may experience premature whitening of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and facial hair. Vitiligo can also affect the coloured portion (retina) of the eyes.


What do we do?

If you start seeing a loss of colouring in skin, hair, or eyes, it is important to schedule a visit to the dermatologist. At Microskin, we are associated with India’s leading dermatologist who provide you with the best treatment. Post a thorough diagnosis, we cater to you with the curated creams that befit your needs.

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