To Eat or Not to Eat – A Healthy Vitiligo Cure Diet for You

Essentially a skin issue that can happen to any normal human body, the survivors of Vitiligo show signs of skin discolouration. Usually, there will be 2 types of skin shades for those who have this disease. On time consultation may cure it to a certain extent, though it takes a prolonged period.

The exact reason for vitiligo has not been unearthed yet, but some studies show how this skin condition gets affected by multifarious environmental conditions. Doctors prescribe a healthy balanced vitiligo cure diet that will help people who have or are at risk of contracting this disease. Again, there are certain foods which must NOT be taken.

Diet chart for vitiligo treatment at home:

Food items not to have –

  1. Lemon, orange, meat, brinjal, alcohol, curd, pickles and carbonated drinks are a strong NO-NO.
  2. One should also resist from taking medicines too which are not doctor recommended.
  3. Additionally, amla, junk foods, coffee products are to be avoided.
  4. Garlic, tomatoes (raw), soda, sour things like tamarind, processed foods that possess a hell lot of chemicals such as artificial colours, preservatives, synthetic flavors and others are not to be consumed. These are stated to impact the immune system and often aggravate your white patches more.
  5. Gluten is another compound which should strictly be avoided for your Leucoderma cure diet chart. It has been connected with inflammation that can trigger your immune system, making it active and probing it to attack melanocytes. Similarly, sugar too invokes inflammation.

Food items to have –

  1. Bananas, watermelon, lettuce (leafy ones), sunflower sprouts are considered important in a vitiligo cure diet
  2. Omega 3 fatty acids are also an essential part of your diet chart. These come with a plethora of health benefits like improving blood circulation and resisting inflammation. They also boost your immune system to a large extent. Salmon and avocado are important Omega 3 sources.
  3. In case of fruits and vegetables, you can easily go for beetroots, leafy vegetables that are dark green, spinach and carrots.
  4. Plenty of water forms one of the crucial entrants in your diet chart. If you are going for vitiligo treatment at home, then drinking 2 liters of water at least should well be a part of your plan.
  5. Radish, French beans, fenugreek, onions, walnuts, almonds, dates, wheat, pistachio are also parts of your diet regimen.

Take care of your allergy sources while on a diet. If you are not mindful of your food allergies, chances are that you may worsen the severity of your disease. While you embark upon a vitiligo cure diet, make sure you get your allergy test done.

It proves helpful if you enjoy sunlight daily! Through this, your body absorbs significant nutrients effectively. The sunlight darkens your white patches that have been triggered by vitiligo.

So, by following a diet where you know what you can have and not, you will eventually beat this malady and lead a healthy life ahead.

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