6 Proven Ways to Stay Safe: Vitiligo Treatment is REAL!

It is a fact that Vitiligo has no treatment. It is an autoimmune disorder and is non-contagious. Certain organisations and clinicians offer what can be termed ‘miracle’ cures for Vitiligo, but they are mostly bogus. That said, there are certain steps which Vitiligo patients can adopt to prevent further complications.

The psychological toll of Vitiligo is appalling as well, as are the physical scars. Vitiligo treatment may involve several, if not all, of the six ways mentioned below.

1. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

Sunlight can adversely affect those areas of the skin where Vitiligo is present. It is of paramount importance to avoid exposure to sunlight. Since the melanin content of the affected areas drops dramatically, too much sunlight may lead to further comorbidities. Avoiding sunlight will prevent further skin damage and will aid in preventing melanocyte death.

2.  Say no to chlorinated water

Most swimming pools, especially the public ones, have chlorinated water which prevents microbial growth. While it is advisable to use pools with chlorinated water, people with Vitiligo must avoid such pools. Chlorine is harmful to those areas of the skin afflicted by Vitiligo; some institutes which offer best Vitiligo treatment in India suggest avoiding swimming pools entirely.

3. Monitor diet and food supplements

Vitiligo treatment is accelerated when one sticks to a monitored diet with an enhanced focus on nutritional supplements. It has been clinically proven that most people who have Vitiligo often lack some basic nutrients and minerals.

A diet rich in Vitamin E, B12, and micro nutrients like Copper and Zinc is a must for those afflicted. It is best to consult a dietitian before proceeding further. Avoid any diet rich in fat or are chemically processed otherwise you will fail to cure Vitiligo.

4. Avoid stressful situations

Stress is a crucial component which triggers Vitiligo, among a host of other disorders. People who already show signs of Vitiligo must avoid stress and confrontations at all times. While this is a generic rule-of-the-thumb for all disorders and syndromes, it takes on greater importance when Vitiligo is in question.

5. No chemical insecticides or pesticides allowed

Chemical pesticides and insecticides may gradually worsen the effects of Vitiligo and have been proven to hamper Vitiligo treatment. Such pesticides are not Eco-friendly and do not degenerate in a sustainable manner. If you suffer from such skin conditions, it is best to avoid such chemicals. There is another, the possibly more important, reason for avoiding such chemicals: they have been proven to set off immune attacks spontaneously. That can be a trigger for Vitiligo too.

6. Wear sun-safe clothing

It is always recommended to wear sun-safe clothing in addition to avoiding sunlight. Sun-safe clothing also takes into account high-SPF sunscreen lotions, fully covered clothes and goggles. Such scientific clothing constitutes best Vitiligo treatment in India too. There is a range of clothing options for afflicted people which can be worn in consultation with physicians.

You now have six ways to properly assess and cure Vitiligo. Because every patient is different, it is essential to take the advice of qualified physicians before you proceed further.


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