5 Common Vitiligo Myths You Should Never Take at Face Value

Contrasting what many self-professed experts would have you believe, Vitiligo has no permanent cure. The term Vitiligo cure is, in itself, a misnomer. Vitiligo care is a different matter altogether. This is an auto-immune disorder which robs the skin of its pigment – melanin – and results in white patches forming.

Unlike rashes and other skin disorders, Vitiligo is caused by depigmentation and may not even have any pre-existing syndromes. Vitiligo treatment is a systematic and long-term one and involves the help of professional experts from a variety of disciplines. Since most sufferers also have a profound psychological impact, the assistance of qualified therapists may be needed in those cases.

It is this taboo nature of discussing Vitiligo in public that has worsened the future of Leucoderma cure. Moreover, there are a series of wild and unproven myths surrounding Vitiligo, which are dispelled here.

Common Vitiligo myths explained rationally

Myth 1: Drinking milk causes Vitiligo

Fact: There is no connection between Vitiligo and diet whatsoever. There is no merit to this argument. Vitiligo cure focuses not on a diet, which includes milk, but on a proven scientific basis. Experts believe that since the other name for Vitiligo, Leucoderma, literally means ‘white skin’, that might be a plausible source of this myth.

Myth 2: Vitiligo is contagious

Fact: No, Vitiligo is not contagious: it is an auto-immune disorder and cannot cross over from one person to another. This myth has managed to hamper the quest for a proper Leucoderma cure because it has been rendered too ‘dangerous’ to talk about. Never hesitate to shake hands with someone with Vitiligo; it is not contagious.

Myth 3: Sun damage causes Vitiligo

Fact: This is another myth that has hindered a proper Leucoderma cure for long. People often believe that Vitiligo may be caused by sun damage; however, there is no apparent connection. It is true that many Vitiligo sufferers must avoid the sun, but direct sunlight exposure does not cause Vitiligo. It is not a mitigating factor.

Myth 4: Vitiligo vanishes/heals by itself

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. Auto-immune diseases do not dissipate by themselves; they need proper and scientific care. Vitiligo cure is complicated; it requires years of specialisation and training. In fact, if left untreated, Vitiligo has been shown to spread gradually. It further afflicts the sufferer. Seeking medical intervention is, therefore, an absolute must.

Myth 5: Vitiligo never heals

Fact: This is a partial myth. While there is no permanent Vitiligo cure, it can be treated to a certain extent using latest technologies like Photo therapy. Re-pigmentation takes time, and the results vary from patient to patient. Still, the effects of Photo therapy are noticeable after some time.

Keep in mind that there is no magic bullet which can slay the Vitiligo demon. It has to be managed by professionals. The problem with Vitiligo is that it has never been fully explained; its exact causes remain shrouded in mystery. There is hope in future genetic studies, and a solution may be in the offing.

So, never pay attention to these grossly incorrect myths!

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