The Struggle for Self-Esteem: How to Morally Support Those with Vitiligo?

Vitiligo takes a savage psychological toll besides the obvious physical one. Since there exist no concrete scientific Vitiligo treatment methods, many sufferers bear the brunt of the ailment in silence. There are many myths surrounding Vitiligo, yet another reason why you should support someone with Vitiligo from the judgmental glasses the society wears.

Do you know someone undergoing Leucoderma treatment in India? It is essential to provide them with moral and vocal support. Studies show that counselling is as effective a form of treatment as more hands-on medical means. Moral support is also a form of social counselling and helps a lot.

Here are 5 ways you can morally help someone looking to cure Vitiligo.

  1. Learn more about Vitiligo

Vitiligo is often an unseemly ailment, as it de-pigments the skin and leaves behind white patches. To help those looking for Leucoderma treatment in India, you must learn more about this auto-immune ailment yourself. It will enlighten you more and dispel the many myths that surround Vitiligo the next time you encounter them. It will also help you realise the trauma that Vitiligo comes with, and will connect you to the sufferer.

  1. Talk with those suffering from Vitiligo

Even if you personally do not know anyone looking to cure Vitiligo, you may help the community in general by enrolling at a society for those with Leucoderma. Talk with those stricken, and get to know the types of challenges they face. Self-acceptance, more than societal acceptance, is what many Vitiligo sufferers look for, and you can provide them with that by just accepting them as they are.

  1. Respect their journey

Vitiligo is a dreadful disease not because of any great physical trauma, but because it makes people very self-conscious. It is not easy living with Vitiligo. You must step into their shoes and respect their journey to help them better. Vitiligo treatment can take time, and sufferers know that there is no proven empirical approach to treat it. Make them realise that they are valued; that in itself will act as a certificate of social validation.

  1. Listen more, advise less

At times, what most Vitiligo patients need is a sympathetic shoulder and someone to talk to. Odds are people who have Vitiligo already know the basics of social and personal psychology, and are equipped, to an extent, for dealing with this disorder. Thus, before you provide any advice, listen carefully to what they have to say. Give them ample opportunity to amplify their thoughts and reply likewise.

  1. Become a pro-Vitiligo advocate

Vitiligo is an auto-immune disorder and is non-contagious. Pro-Vitiligo advocacy involves speaking out about the disorder and vocally supporting the ailing. Pro-Vitiligo advocacy also uses proven scientific matters to dispel myths, rumors and superstitions that surround this ailment. Vocal advocacy may include signing public petitions regarding funding R&D on the disorder. Vitiligo treatment becomes a lot easier when they have vocal advocates to speak out more on this disorder.

Remember: Vitiligo does not fall in the profile of the most dangerous diseases or ailments. Since it looks ungainly, people mistake it for something far more sinister. Learning and speaking out more on Vitiligo is a must to help those ailing. Hopefully, these methods demonstrated above will help you become a better and more concerned fellow citizen.

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